Fund for Women and Girls members and friends heard a lively panel discussion on February 6th about cultivating generosity in the next generation.

Panelists Cason Crane, Isabella de la Houssaye, and Rhonda Medina talked about what helps kids learn to be generous, drawing on their own experiences.  Moderator Michele Minter captured key ideas from the conversation and the ensuing question & answer session:

  • Kids have to feel it
  • Build empathy; expose kids to problems and to solutions to problems
  • Get kids to have “skin in the game”
  • Everyone can be an activist
  • Think about the human capital in your family: what values do you share?
  • Help your children understand the reciprocity inherent in generosity
  • Kindness matters!

… Join us as we explore these themes and more in the year to come!  See for more information about Fund for Women and Girls events, membership, and our plans to improve the lives of women and girls across Mercer County, and please contact the Community Foundation if you’d like to get involved.

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