Community Impact Grants represents the Community Foundation’s responsive grant-making program.

The Princeton Area Community Foundation’s Community Impact Grants program award grants to nonprofits working to address critical needs in our region.

The Community Foundation has partnered with the Burke Foundation to award grants annually to nonprofits working in our regional grantmaking footprint.

The program awards both program and operating support to nonprofits working to address the needs of low-income individuals, families and communities. Operating grants allow nonprofits to build their capacity and reach the next level of organizational maturity.

The Community Foundation encourages organizations that provide a wide range of initiatives to improve the quality of life to apply. Among the types of initiatives that may be considered are affordable housing, arts initiatives, community and economic development, and programs that enhance the cognitive and social-emotional development of young people.

For more information or support, please contact:

Danny Freund
Grants Manager
Email Danny Freund

Nelida Valentin
Vice President, Grants & Programs
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