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Investing on Your Behalf

Charitable dollars are precious and powerful.  Community Foundation Trustees manage them carefully, because assets earned and generously given away are a solemn trust.

Our Investment Philosophy:

We have a constantly forward-rolling investment horizon that looks 40 years into the future.

We are committed to an asset allocation that matches our long-term goals and manages risk with a diversified investment pool.

Today’s market events do not change our outlook; our Investment Committee plans for the long term.

Historical Investment Performance

CF Returns Blended Benchmark
10 years 5.8% 4.6%
5 years 7.2% 7.2%
Year-to-date 15.3% 16.5%

Returns as of Dec. 31, 2017

Asset Allocation

For more information or support, please contact:

Laura J. Longman
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer 
Email Laura J. Longman