Are you a young professional who wants to make a difference in your community?

Consider joining our NextGen Giving Circle.

A Giving Circle is a form of participatory philanthropy where individuals pool their donations and collectively decide which charities will be awarded grants

Anyone is welcome to join the NextGen Giving Circle, but most members are in the 20- to 40-year-old age range.

When you join, you’ll learn about philanthropy and the nonprofits doing great work in our region. You will have the chance to go on site visits to local nonprofits, and with your fellow members, you will decide which projects to fund through a Community Foundation staff-led grantmaking process.

You can make an annual gift or contribute monthly. Founder Jeremy Perlman believes the subscription model for philanthropy is a natural fit for his generation, because young people are accustomed to subscribing to services, such as Netflix and Spotify.

Established in 2017, the NextGen Giving Circle made its first grants in 2018, awarding:

Read the story about how the fund was created.
Meet Jeremy Perlman, the Young Philanthropist Who Created the NextGen Giving Circle at the Princeton Area Community Foundation

To learn more or become a member, contact the Community Foundation: Marcia Shackelford, Chief Philanthropy Officer, at 609-219-1800 ext. 20. To set up a recurring gift, visit our donation page.

For more information or support, please contact:

Michael Nuno
Senior Director, Philanthropy
Email Michael Nuno