Private Foundation Services

We offer philanthropic services for private foundations. Increase your impact by working with us. We can work with you as advisors, mentors, facilitators and conveners.

You can:

  • Create an advised fund parallel to your private foundation

    Your trustees gain access to the expertise of our strategic grantmaking and philanthropic services, and your current private foundation structure stays the same.

    Not sure if a private foundation is right for you? Create an advised fund prior to establishing a private foundation. This allows you to experience philanthropy before committing to the requirements of a private foundation.

  • Donate your foundation’s annual payout to your Community Foundation fund

    A contribution to the Community Foundation is a “qualifying distribution,” so it counts towards your annual 5% payout requirement. The private foundation makes one grant (issuing just one check) each year, and the Community Foundation disburses grants as recommended from the fund’s advisor. This simplifies the private foundation’s tax reporting and can allow you the time you need to finalize grant decisions.

  • Transfer your foundation’s assets to an advised fund at the Community Foundation.

    Private Foundations are permitted to terminate and transfer their assets to public charities, including Community Foundations, which may simplify the foundation’s work and allow you to focus exclusively on giving.

Working with the Community Foundation can offer your private foundation a variety of services:

  • Review and update its original purpose to address current and future needs
  • Knowledgeable grantmaking guidance and administration
  • Efficient, and cost-effective investment management
  • Decreased government regulations
  • Elimination of the annual mandatory 5% payout
  • Focus on philanthropy and the transfer of values to your children
  • Anonymity for donors, fund advisors, and grants, if desired.

Comparing Options

Consider the following differences between giving through a donor-advised fund and a private foundation:

Compare your options

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For more information or support, please contact:

Marcia Shackelford
Chief Philanthropy Officer
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Michael Nuno
Vice President, Philanthropic Services
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