Our Staff

Jeffrey M. Vega
President & CEO
609.219.1800 Ext. 110
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Terri Galaro
Executive Assistant
609.219.1800 Ext. 210
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Erin Lamke
Administrative Assistant
609-219-1800 x100
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Finance and Operations

Laura J. Longman
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer
609.219.1800 Ext. 140
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Suzanne de Grouchy
Vice President, Accounting
609.219.1800 Ext. 120
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Shubhada Gadkari
Accounting Associate
609.219.1800 Ext. 250
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Alyce Michele Hoffmaster 
Accounts Payable and Grants Specialist  
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Grants & Programs

Nelida Valentin
Vice President, Grants & Programs
609.219.1800 Ext. 150
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Danny Freund
Grants Manager
609.219.1800 Ext. 180
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Asset Building

Marcia Shackelford
Chief Philanthropy Officer
609.219.1800 Ext. 200
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Michael Nuno
Senior Director of Philanthropy
609.219.1800 Ext. 130
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Michelle Sahn
Director of Communications
Please contact Michelle for press inquiries
609.219.1800 Ext. 220
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Donor Services

Myriam Padro
Philanthropy Services Associate
609.219.1800 Ext. 240
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New Jersey Arts and Culture Renewal Fund

Lynne Toye
Executive Director
609.219.1800 Ext. 190
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Princeton Area Community Foundation
15 Princess Road
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

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Phone: 609.219.1800
Fax: 609.219.1850

For more information or support, please contact:

Myriam Padro
Philanthropy Services Associate
Email Myriam Padro