Business and Corporate Services

The Community Foundation can help your business meet its charitable goals.

Business Charitable Funds make giving simple.

Whether you have 2 employees or 20,000, the Community Foundation can help your business with its charitable giving. When you open a Business Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation, you will benefit from our charitable expertise.

Your company can suggest which nonprofits they would like to receive grants. We handle all of the administrative work, allowing your giving program to be more efficient.

Is your company just getting starting with charitable giving? When you need expert advice about giving, we’re here to help. Our knowledgeable grants staff can connect your company with strong, local nonprofits that share your values, and our philanthropy team can assist with any questions about your charitable giving strategy.

Establishing a fund is simple:

  • Open your Fund. Call us to learn more about contributing cash or complex assets, and consult your tax advisor.

  • Now your company is ready to give and receive our expert services.

Benefits of a Business Charitable Fund

We manage all administrative details including due diligence review, and issue grants in your Fund’s name.

Your company has the flexibility to add to the Fund at any time.

Supports the causes and organizations your company cares about by recommending grants from your Fund.

Your company may create an advisory committee to make those grant recommendations.

Your company may draw on our professional grants staff’s deep knowledge to make effective grants, check your fund balance 24/7 on our online donor portal, and research nonprofits.

Set up a Lunch & Learn for your staff. We will come to your offices to help your employees learn more about our individual charitable services, as well as ways to give as a group, such as our Fund for Women and Girls and NextGen Giving Circle.

For more information or support, please contact:

Marcia Shackelford
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Email Marcia Shackelford

Michael Nuno
Vice President, Philanthropic Services
Email Michael Nuno