Our donors give for a variety of reasons, but they all share a commitment to building a better community and a brighter future. Here are a few Community Foundation fund holders describing their philanthropy, in their own words …

The Canterelli sisters, Mary Lisa Costello and Catherine Goldan, together with their husbands and children, wanted to honor their parents while building upon the values that Vince and Sonia Canterelli lived by.  ()

Vincent and Sonia Canterelli Charitable Fund

The Fund for Women and Girls is a community of philanthropists working together to improve the lives of women and girls in central New Jersey.

A Giving Circle Widens Its Sphere: The Fund for Women and Girls

An endowed fund at the Community Foundation will generate money to meet community needs in perpetuity. Over time, grants awarded exceed the original gift, while the fund balance continues growing, tax-exempt, forever. The result is a legacy that honors and sustains a donor’s generosity.

Giving Grows Here: The Barbara B. Smoyer Memorial Fund

For a philanthropic, environmentally minded couple, converting a family foundation into a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation was “a breath of fresh air.”  ()

Bob and Stephanie Harris: Sustainable Philanthropy

“I said, ‘Put this contribution to its best use. The Community Foundation is a respected and well-run organization. I’m happy to support whatever good efforts need my help, as they see fit.'”  (Leighton Laughlin)

Leighton Laughlin

“Here’s a chance to see a lot of good come from an act of generosity. We need to keep the spotlight on our damaged shore communities, and follow through.”  (Anonymous)


“That’s exactly who she was, a giving person. Esther felt that she could inspire others to give and be optimistic. She believed that an act of generosity is never isolated—that together, we can create a groundswell.”  (Geraldine Eure)

Esther Eure

“The Community Foundation is constantly assessing our region’s nonprofit field, applying demanding standards in order to understand and prioritize community needs”  (Leigh Gibson)

Leigh Gibson

We needed an organization whose collective judgment we could trust to put our money to its best use locally …  (Gail Ullman)

Gail and Dick Ullman

Giving through our fund is value-added.  (Liz Erickson)

The Erickson Family Fund

The Community Foundation is the iCloud for charity—what a bargain!  (Mung Chiang)

The Chiang and Chin Memorial Fund

“I wanted to help ease financial pressure and provide an opportunity for young artists to concentrate on their craft.”   (Thomas George)

Thomas George Artists Fund

“My fund is fulfilling my dream that one day I would be able to help kids in Trenton go to college, just like someone in Trenton helped me.”   (Debra Joy Perez)

The Twenty-Five Dollar Fund

“An advised fund is easy to create. As a flexible option, it’s hard to beat.”   (Patty & Adolf Herst)

Herst Family Fund

I wanted to do something permanent so that the Community Foundation could spend more of its time and talent on their core philanthropic work   (Ken Field)

The Field Family Fund

“We started the Mary Lynne Mount Reading Fund to help teachers help students read and succeed…”   (Ingrid Benson)

The Mary Lynn Franks Mount Reading Fund

“Honor my love of travel, sports, children and the Princeton Community”   (Henry Rosso Jr.)

The Rosso-Maguire Fund

“People can go the Community Foundation and create whatever they want to create.”   (Miki Saraf)

The Rebecca Annitto Service Opportunities for Students (SOS) Fund

“At the Community Foundation, everything was in place for me.”   (Pat Roberts)

Jim Roberts Jazz Scholarship Fund

“The Foundation has an enlightened outlook that really takes care of this community in a very generous way…”  (Ronnie Ragen)

Dr. Louis D. Boxer Memorial Fund

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