By Micayla Weissburg

Giving is an action my parents instilled in my siblings and me from a young age. We were taught that supporting our most vulnerable neighbors strengthens entire communities.

As a young professional, although I have always been engaged in my community, how I wanted to engage changed over time. While living in upstate New York, I was on the board of a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Later, upon moving to the Greater Princeton area, I knew I wanted to get involved in philanthropy.

I was fortunate to find the Fund for Women and Girls as a means to make my philanthropic contributions go further. The Fund provides an opportunity for individuals to give collectively, allowing for larger grantmaking and bigger impact than what we could achieve alone.

While giving is the primary goal of the Fund, it is not the only focus and benefit for young professionals. I have embraced and fully enjoyed being connected to like-minded women who are committed to improving our community. It has also provided the ability to learn more about issues facing our local community through educational events such as the annual luncheon, Cocktails & Conversation, and our grantmaking celebration.

The Fund for Women and Girls offers opportunities for people at all levels and with different interests to engage in meaningful ways within an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Young members have the opportunity to network with established members by participating on a committee to contribute and expand their skills and expertise. By each of us bringing our unique experiences and perspectives, we’re able to make a significant impact in our local community together.