This year so many of you have generously supported your favorite nonprofits as they navigate unprecedented challenges. You have helped feed our neighbors, supported childcare services, and funded many other important causes, including the arts and the environment. As we approach the end of 2020, and you think about recommending year-end grants to the charitable organizations that mean so much to you, we wanted to offer five tips for impactful giving:

  • For COVID relief in particular, support organizations that serve vulnerable populations that were disproportionately affected by the pandemic, including low income families, the elderly and people of color.
  • Give unrestricted support because that allows nonprofits to cover their most urgent expenses, enabling them to pivot quickly when needs change.
  • Support existing funds that pool gifts and quickly distribute grants, such as our COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund and our New Jersey Arts and Culture Recovery Fund.
  • Continue to support your favorite charities. Many nonprofits are struggling economically because of the pandemic. From food pantries and social service agencies to arts and environmental organizations, these nonprofits continue to do work that makes our communities stronger.
  • Also plan for the long-term, ensuring support for future needs. While the pandemic has brought about many immediate needs, consider your short, mid- and long-term giving goals. Find your personal balance between short and longer term philanthropy.
To ensure your grants can be made before the end of December, we encourage you to give us your grant recommendations as soon as possible.

This year, several factors have contributed to delays in nonprofits receiving grant awards, including some difficulty getting the information we need to send grant award payments electronically.

Click here to recommend grants directly from DonorCentral.

Don’t Forget Appreciated Stock!

Highly appreciated assets can make tax-wise gifts. If you’re giving stock, please try to do so as early as possible. Your shares must be received and accepted into our account before your gift is final, and that process often takes a few days. Call Patricia Matos at 609.219.1800 ext. 815 or click here for a copy of our stock transfer form.