Leighton Laughlin knows a good investment when he sees one.

The retired Laughlin spent over three decades as an advisor at RBC Wealth Management in Princeton, helping clients to make sage investment and financial planning decisions.

Throughout his life, Laughlin has maintained an abiding commitment to a number of charitable causes. In particular, he has a keen interest – fueled by early experience and observation – in helping to advance opportunity for people of color.

“I’m happy to support whatever good efforts need my help, as they see fit.”

Since the 1990s, Laughlin has consolidated his annual charitable giving in the form of a single gift to the Community Foundation.

“I’ve had the experience of not receiving a gift acknowledgement from a nonprofit,” Laughlin relates. “Giving with the Community Foundation simplifies and clarifies the process—plus I know I can count on good record-keeping.”

This year, he decided to take advantage of a different kind of philanthropic opportunity.

A donor over 70 ½ years old can give up to $100,000, decreasing his tax burden in the process.

Laughlin used the IRA charitable rollover as a means to make several gifts—including one to the Community Foundation itself.

“I said, ‘Put this contribution to its best use,’” Laughlin explains. “The Community Foundation is a respected and well-run organization. I’m happy to support whatever good efforts need my help, as they see fit.”