Last week we offered a look at the generosity of Laura and John Arnold and their $10 million gift to keep Head Start centers for 7,000 children open, offered as a loan to be repaid when the federal government shutdown is over and money starts flowing again.

We asked you to think of ways you too could help, even if on a smaller scale.

Now we come back to you with additional questions:

  •  Should private philanthropy even step into gaps like this? Or are we tipping the scales in ways that are not healthy in the long term?
  • Private dollars can’t be expected to fill these gaps. What about the thousands of others with no “Arnolds” in their communities?
  • How should our society structure its support so services for the vulnerable are less prone to interruption?
  • Since nonprofits can’t lobby, who will carry this water for us?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently ran an opinion piece by Beth Gazley, an associate professor at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, in Bloomington. You can read her thoughts here:

 What do YOU think?