Dr. Laura Otten addressed an audience of roughly 175 nonprofit executives and board members at our May 16th seminar, “The Fundraising Board: Creating a Culture of Give and Get.” For our readers who were unable to attend, or for attendees who would like to revisit Dr. Otten’s presentation to refresh their notes and recollections, here’s her Powerpoint:

[pdf pacf.org/wp-content/uploads/may16.pdf 600 500]

… Dr. Otten was quick to propose an important semantic change to our event title. Fundraising, she explained, is often perceived in a negative light — and it doesn’t accurately portray the role that board members should be expected to play in mobilizing the support that nonprofits need to pursue their missions.

Instead, she discussed philanthropy — and the critical cultivation that a board member who truly loves your organization’s mission can achieve, not by asking for money but by being an ambassador for your cause and involving his or her social and professional networks.

* If you have any questions about the presentation — or follow-up questions for Community Foundation staff or Dr. Otten — please feel free to post a comment below.