Now is the time to consider important reminders about year-end gifts. Time is indeed of the essence!

Gifts of appreciated stock still shine

Giving in a roller coaster market may continue to be a real concern for many of you, but remember, not all stocks are down. Gifts of appreciated stock to a donor-advised fund or other type of fund at the Community Foundation is still one of the most tax-savvy ways to support favorite charitable causes because capital gains tax can be avoided. And of course, a stock market rally can present timely opportunities.

Donor-advised funds help both you and your favorite nonprofits

Grantmaking from donor-advised funds (DAFs) continues to rise, especially as donors and their advisors pay increasing attention to the ways a donor-advised fund can help with tax planning and, importantly, keep a donor’s giving levels consistent even in lower income years. Reach out to the Community Foundation to learn more about how “bunching” at year end can maximize your tax benefits, and at the same time ensure that nonprofits are supported as demands on their missions continue to grow in choppy economic waters.

Year-end giving deadlines are firm

Watch the calendar closely! Year-end can sneak up on all of us, and it’s important not to miss key deadlines for accomplishing your charitable goals. Please reach out to our team to find out when certain transactions must occur to be completed during this tax year, including checks to a fund at the Community Foundation which must be postmarked no later than Dec. 31. Gifts of securities also need to be fully transferred by Dec. 31, so we recommend that marketable stocks gifts be made by Dec. 27. (Complex assets likely will not be able to be transferred before year-end.)

If you have questions, or to learn more, please contact our team at 609.219.1800.