By Linda Czipo and Jeffrey Vega

The Center for Non-Profits is New Jersey’s statewide umbrella organization for the charitable community. The Center exists to strengthen non-profits individually and collectively, so that non-profits can improve the quality of life for the people of our state.

The Center has been New Jersey’s non-profit champion and first-stop resource for over 30 years. It has “had the backs” of non-profits on countless issues from charitable giving, advocacy rights, cutting red tape, and preserving the independence of non-profits. Through its public education and research, it educates government officials, philanthropic and business leaders, the media and the public about the economic important issues and trends facing the non-profit community. Its staff experts provide training and guidance to non-profits on topics such as management, compliance, board governance, risk management and many others. Its annual statewide conference, held each December, has grown into the premier gathering for non-profits and allies in New Jersey. And as a membership organization, the Center offers access to cost-saving programs and services for members.

The Princeton Area Community Foundation has been committed to building the capacity of the region’s non-profits. Through its grantmaking, educational seminars, and endowment management, we have helped to make local non-profits strong. The Community Foundation knows that the Center’s advocacy, public education, and direct services also makes non-profits strong. While we hope you will take a moment to learn more about the Center and the benefits of membership, please note that your membership will in no way influence your eligibility for grant funding.

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