Over the last 30 years, we have worked together to help our communities thrive. Thanks to the support from more than 10,000 donors who have enabled us to fund a variety of community needs, we have awarded more than $154 million in grants to nonprofits. We are grateful that our donors have included generous individuals, businesses, family philanthropists and foundations.
One important way that we are celebrating 30 years of our mission is by highlighting the work of some of our grantee partners in the region in print and on video. We fund hundreds of nonprofits each year, and they all do terrific work. With the help of the James R. Halsey Foundation, we’re kicking off a video series that showcases some of those nonprofits, chosen from a wide variety of fields, and how we have been able to help them make a difference in the region.
Watch for them in upcoming newsletters and on our social media channels: FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

We want to thank the JRH Foundation for their work on this series. We hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as the JRH Foundation’s students enjoyed making them.