The Michael Robert Damato Memorial Fund

“If you light a lamp for another, your own way will be lit.” (Nichiren, Japanese poet and sage, mid ninth century)

The family of Michael Robert Damato has created a Memorial Fund at the Princeton Area Community Foundation in his name. It is their hope that grants made by his fund will be both a lasting celebration of Michael, and a tribute to all the amazing character traits that he embodied.

Michael was truly a “gift from God”, and, although his life was much too short, it was a very full and rewarding one. He had indeed a passion for life that included everything and everybody.

Michael was a “born leader”, as well as a very committed Christian. It was his love of God, as well as his depth of sensitivity and understanding of people, that molded his life and directed his mission to share that message with all. For those who knew him, Michael was a source of inspiration and motivation, heightening everyone’s appreciation of life.

In addition, Michael was the epitome of the word “student”. As a matter of fact, he thoroughly defined the word. A straight-A student with an unending thirst for knowledge, he also excelled in extra-curricular activities, ranging from sports – basketball, golf, tennis, and football, to classical music and piano recitals. Family and friends will remember him for a wide spectrum of accomplishments – expressing his feelings through writing, quoting every conceivable sports stat, and his “take charge – do anything” mentality. Indeed his legacy will be his determination to succeed!

Michael’s smile alone would “light up any room”, and he surely did “light up our lives”. In “lighting a lamp for another”, Michael’s way was undoubtedly “lit”. It is thus that the family would hope that the grants in Michael’s name will “light the way for others”, and will recognize deserving recipients who embody all that Michael represented.

The family salutes the Princeton Area Community Foundation for its philanthropic work, and thanks you for your donation to the Michael Robert Damato Fund, knowing full well that “If you light a lamp for another, your own way, too, will be lit”.

Memorial gifts may be made by calling (609) 219 – 1800.

For more information or support, please contact:

Jeffrey M. Vega
President & CEO