Are you interested in making some environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes?

We have some tips for you.

The Princeton Area Community Foundation recently held an environmental seminar: “Lifestyle Changes To Help You Be Kind to the Earth” for our individual and family fundholders.

Moderated by Andy Johnson of the William Penn Foundation, with panelists Helaine Barr of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Molly Jones of Sustainable Princeton and Pam Mount from Terhune Orchards, Sustainable Jersey and C-Change Conversations, they spoke about the importance of a collaborative focus on the environment. Here are some of their tips:

  • To get your quick carbon footprint estimate, use the calculator at the Cool Climate Network 
  • When gift-giving, give experiences rather than goods
  • Collaborate with your neighbors, and borrow, repair, rent or barter items
  • Be thoughtful about the redistribution of material and think about ways you can re-use items
  • Contact your energy company to learn more about:
    • purchasing renewable energy
    • getting a home energy audit
  • Support businesses whose practices are good for the environment, such as the ones listed on the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry