Looking Ahead

We are still in the early stages of an evolving crisis that will define and shape all of us for years to come. As the COVID-19 Fund’s initial emergency phase begins to taper down, the Community Foundation is now moving into a new phase of grantmaking focused on rebuilding and recovery. However, at some point, the Fund may need to return to the emergency response priorities of the past weeks depending on community needs and infection rates. No one knows exactly how the pandemic will unfold, but we already know and see that under-resourced communities will bear a heavy burden.

The Community Foundation and its partners are preparing for the next phase of COVID-19 Fund grantmaking by talking to nonprofit leaders, experts, community members, policymakers, and people receiving services. As it moves forward, the COVID-19 Fund will support a broader array of services, such as childcare, education, the arts, and economic and workforce development, just to name a few. All grants will be made with an eye towards meeting community needs and synchronizing efforts within and across sectors. Moving forward, the Community Foundation will invest in nonprofit capacity-building and coordination so we can face the challenges of our new reality, together as a community.


This post was developed by Ann Ritter, consultant to The Burke Foundation. It is based on a series of interviews conducted with leaders involved in the creation and launch of the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund.