Do you support several charitable organizations every year?

We can help you with planning your philanthropic intentions.

Here’s a simple playbook to guide you as you begin to think about how opening a fund at the Community Foundation can help you with your charitable giving plans.

  • Look at your charitable giving history.
  • Why do you support those particular causes? Family tradition? Past involvement as a beneficiary of an organization’s services? Desire to impact a particular area of need?
  • Think about your community involvement. Do you serve on any boards of directors? Do you volunteer at local organizations?
  • Review any charitable giving provisions in your current will or trust. Are you leaving a bequest to favorite charities?

Did you know that a donor-advised fund can be an effective alternative to a private foundation? That’s thanks to fewer expenses to establish and maintain, maximum tax benefits (higher AGI limitations and fair market valuation for contributing hard-to-value assets), no excise taxes, and confidentiality (including the ability to grant anonymously to charities.)

A donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation is frequently a more effective choice than a donor-advised fund offered through a brokerage firm because, at a Community Foundation, the donor is part of a community of giving and has opportunities to collaborate with other donors who share similar interests. In addition, the donor is supported in strategic grant making, family philanthropy, and opportunities to gain deep knowledge about local issues and nonprofits making a difference.

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