[quote]November 15 is National Philanthropy Day, and this week also marks National Community Foundation Week.[/quote]

YOUR Princeton Area Community Foundation is proud to be one of the seven hundred community foundations throughout the United States, which represent one of the fastest-growing forms of philanthropy. Large and small, urban and rural, they are working to solve a variety of problems. Despite the recession, giving by the nation’s 100 largest community foundations is increasing, as is ours.

So what IS a community foundation, you might ask? We are nonprofit organizations that belong to us all, where generous people can share creative ideas to amplify their charitable intentions and success. Community foundations are preparing for the future, not borrowing against it. We can’t see that future, but it will look back at us with gratitude if we do our best to provide stable resources for the inevitable challenges to come.

In 2011, community foundations gave a collective $4.2 billion to support nonprofit work in the arts, education, health and human services, the environment, and disaster relief.

As communities struggle with limited resources to address a growing demand for services, community foundations are more essential than ever, bringing civic partners together to find innovative and effective solutions to some of our most challenging problems.

The Princeton Area Community Foundation is proud to be part of a national network of organizations working to promote philanthropy and invest forward. We applaud the accomplishments of our colleagues, and thank them for their generosity in sharing ideas and inspiration that helps us do our best work here in greater Mercer County.