Of the many fascinating things I get to do every day, one that always inspires me is listening to people who come to the Community Foundation to talk with us about their giving. Philanthropy is rich in wonderful stories.

 Among the new funds created here this year, several celebrate lives that ended too soon. As a mother their stories tear at my heart, but I am inspired by the remarkable things young people accomplished in such a short time. We remember David Bachner, Michael Damato, and Christine Macken.
And more:
  • A young man wanting to honor his grandparents came to us on what would have been their sixty-ninth wedding anniversary. A family fund will pay tribute to them, by providing for others. It is also helping our donor teach his own child about giving.
  • The Twenty-five Dollar Fund will restore opportunities now denied to promising, low-income students.
  • Two families had financial windfalls. They decided to establish funds to “share the wealth.”
  • A family that encouraged a circle of twenty-nine others to join them in making a substantial gift to honor a mutual friend for his many kindnesses.
I am often asked how the Community Foundation is doing, especially in these difficult times. The answer is always the same: very well! Generosity knows no season. And it is at the core of every story I hear.
What’s your story?