February 25, 2020 - 8:30 am
First he taught us about storytelling. Then we learned about effective presentations. This winter, Andy Goodman will be back in Mercer County, teaching us about best practices for meetings, including:
  • Why Bad Meetings Happen to Good Causes
  • The Agenda: It’s Not a List of Topics
  • Meeting Leadership
  • Brainstorming (and other creative forms of interaction)
  • What to Do When You’re Not All There (Literally)
Andy’s seminars are always popular and the seats fill up quickly. Register today!
We’d like to thank our friends at Borden Perlman for their generous sponsorship of this seminar.

Bookings are no longer allowed on this date. Please call Pamela Mason at 609.219.1800 to be added to our waiting list.