[quote]“… The best and most dedicated people are ultimately volunteers, for they have the opportunity to do something else …”

— Peter Drucker[/quote]In honor of National Volunteer Week, the Community Foundation applauds the volunteers around us.

We regularly hear extraordinary stories about our community’s volunteers. Our grantees tell us of remarkable individuals who give of their time and talents. Many friends and colleagues have shared their own experiences, and have expressed a feeling of receiving far more than they gave.

As we begin this week dedicated to volunteerism, then, we say: Thank you! Thanks to our own Trustees and former Trustees, who give of their time and wisdom. Thanks to everyone in this community who chooses to take on work that is not easy or glamorous, but that is good for our region. This week, we are especially grateful for you.

Want to give your time, but don’t know where to start?  Read the Community Foundation’s take on how to find your dream volunteer opportunity.