Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of a national conversation about the charitable deduction.  Today’s New York Times contains an article on The Future of the Charitable Deduction, which includes some background on this section of the tax code.  See here and here for more information on the subject.

People give for all kinds of reasons.  With or without the tax deduction, generous people will continue to give.  We give because we want our communities to be great, because we want to change the world, because we are moved by an idea.  When we see a vision that’s big and exciting, we want to be part of it, and so we contribute our time, skills and money.

Right now, our nonprofit sector is experiencing an especially difficult time.  Corporate and government funding have steadily eroded in every sector.  For several years, Mercer County has seen the need for nonprofit services expand.  More members of our community require help, and the institutions that make our community a great place to live continue to struggle.  New organizations with novel ideas cannot build a stable funding base and never achieve their potential.

We do not yet know what this will mean for the nonprofits that shape our community, but we encourage you to support them as generously as you can.  If you are not sure where to begin, we would be glad to talk with you.  Some of the ways that you can help are tax deductible; others are not deductible but are very charitable.  For our part, the Community Foundation applauds every gift and every giver.