Scholarship Fund Student Current Enrollment Enrollment for 2018-2019 Scholarship Amount
Frank, Ada, and Elizabeth Compton Scholarship – 1 year Mikayla Simonski (2018) North Hunterdon High School Misericordia University $4,550
Connor Strohm (2018) Voorhees High School Rutgers University $500
Yasmine Haschicha (2018) Lawrence High School American University $500
Rebecca Jacob (2018) Lawrence High School Rutgers University $500
Jennifer Zoll (2018) Lawrence High School Johns Hopkins University $500
Sarah Zoll (2018) Lawrence High School Villanova University $500
John R. and Shirley I. Forrest Memorial Scholarship – 4 years LeeAnna Alpert (2018) Hamilton High School West Rider University $5,000
Liam Martin Courtney (2017) Hamilton High School West Roanoke College $5,000
Jose Moran (2016) Hamilton High School West PENDING $5,000
Jenna O’Neill (2015) The American Muscial
and Dramatic Academy
The American Muscial and Dramatic Academy $5,000
Andres Bermudez (2014) Mercer County Community College Mercer County Community College
University of Phoenix
Nova Scotia University
Thomas George Artist Fund Grants Program – 1 year Yesenia Rosado (2018) The College of New Jersey The College of New Jersey $5,000
Sandra M. Glazier Memorial Scholarship Fund – 4 years
Alaina Polbok (2018) Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES) University of Pittsburgh $5,000
Haylie Montemurno (2017) Toms River High School East The College of New Jersey $5,000
Abigail M. Byington (2016) Temple University Temple University $5,000
Paige Van Duyne The College of New Jersey The College of New Jersey $5,000
Greater Mercer Scholarship Fund – 1 year Hifsa Chaudry Nottingham High School Brown University $2,000
A. Myrtle Hensor Teaching Scholarship Fund – 1 year Victoria Addonzio (2018) Princeton High School The College of New Jersey $1,000
Lion Woodward Educational Fund / Rotary Club of Trenton – 4 years Ali Schragger (2018) Hopewell Valley Central Wake Forest University $2,500
Beatrice Boyce (2018) Nottingham High School PENDING $2,500
NO AWARD FOR 2017 $0
Cheyenne Setneska (2016) Stockton University Stockton University $2,500
Qureasia Troupe-Mekins (2016) The College of New Jersey The College of New Jersey $2,500
Austin Durling (2015) Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania State University $2,500
Louise Maas Allied Health Professions Scholarship Fund -1 year Eliz Dikener (2018) Princeton High School Boston University $1,000
Macklin Soccer Scholarship – 1 year Margaret Roman (2018) Cranford High School University of Maryland $1,000
Macklin World Language Scholarship – 1 year Andrew Rojo (2018) Cranford High School Boston College $1,000
Princeton Post No. 76, American Legion Dr. Henry J. Frank Scholarship – 4 years Brianna Hodges (2018) West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South Columbia University $1,000
Robert Smithers (2018) Princeton High School Boston College $1,000
James Verbeyst (2017) Princeton High School Kean University $1,000
Rachel Julius (2016) University of Maryland University of Maryland $1,000
Kathryn Schoenauer (2016) University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania $1,000
Catherine Curran-Groome (2015) The University of Vermont The University of Vermont $1,000
Nyambe Kema Tuchscherer (2015) University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame $1,000
Michael McGarry Skowronek Scholarship – 2 years Sara Waldron (2018) Collingswood High School The College of New Jersey $2,500
Andrew Phillips (2018) Collingswood High School Camden County College $2,500
Mary Elliott Wislar Memorial Scholarship Fund – 2 years Ali Schragger (2018) Hopewell Valley Central High School Wake Forest University $6,100
Clay Sosis Hopewell Valley Central High School Emerson College $5,850