Congratulations on your recent grant from the Princeton Area Community Foundation!

We encourage our grantees to publicize their grants so that generous Community Foundation donors may see their gifts at work. Publicity also helps you spread the word about your organization’s role in the community and gives your organization greater visibility and credibility to other potential supporters. Here are a few tips and guidelines for publicizing your grant:


You should issue a news release to the media about your grant as soon as possible. Community newspapers and publications in your field of service are more likely to give you coverage than larger, region-wide newspapers. Radio stations may be interested if someone can provide an interview on the air, and TV stations may be interested if the program has great visual appeal. But remember to act fast, because if it’s not new, it’s not news!

Please consult the following resources for preparing and distributing press releases:

» 10 Tips for an Effective Press Release
» Press release formatting template (available as a Word document or PDF)


All publicity mentioning support from the Community Foundation should refer to the specific grant program named in your grant agreement contract. For example, “A grant was received from the Greater Mercer Grant Program of the Princeton Area Community Foundation.”

We also ask that you mention the Princeton Area Community Foundation’s support on your website and your own publications (such as annual reports, newsletters, and brochures).



Please include the Community Foundation logo, especially if you are printing the logos of other sponsors or supporters. Here are several versions of our logo available for download:

» Small horizontal logo (for web)
» High-resolution horizontal logo (for print and web)

» Small vertical logo (for web)
» High-resolution vertical logo (for print and web)

Please consult us if you have any trouble working with these files or would like us to send artwork at a specific size or formatted especially for a publication (like an event program). Please do not modify the logo in any manner other than re-sizing the image as needed.


We’re here to help

If you have any questions regarding press outreach, would like feedback on a press release, or need assistance formatting or adapting the logo, please contact us.