Our Grants Programs

The Community Foundation sponsors two discretionary grantmaking programs. One program, Children and Adolescents Living in Poverty, is the Community Foundation’s strategic grantmaking focus area, and it will seek to address the needs of children from 0 to age 25, the technical end of adolescence. The Community Foundation will soon announce the availability of grants under this program. Please continue to check our website at www.pacf.org for information.

The other program, Community Impact Grants, represents the Community Foundation’s responsive grantmaking program, and is for organizations whose initiatives transform the lives of low-income individuals, families and communities, but may or may not specifically target children and adolescents. This program invites nonprofits to submit applications that fit the funding guidelines. The Community Foundation anticipates this grant opportunity to be highly competitive since only 25 percent of the available annual grantmaking funds will be allocated for this purpose. Funding in one year should not be construed as funding in a subsequent year for the same initiative. Guidelines for our Community Impact Grants are available here.