Rebecca Annitto’s Service Opportunities for Students (SOS) Fund 
2018 Internship Award

The Award
The Fund exists to encourage high school students to participate in the work of their communities.  Recognizing that students must choose between working for pay and an enriching volunteer experience, the SOS Fund offers three awards of $2,000 each to allow motivated, service-oriented young people paid work experiences at nonprofits.

To be eligible for this award, students must:

  • Demonstrate an ongoing interest in volunteer or community-based work, including a track record of meaningful activities in the student’s community
  • Describe a specific opportunity that is of interest to the student
  • Indicate why this opportunity would be meaningful to the student

 To Apply
Please submit:

  • a resume or overview of your activities and volunteer commitments;
  • a one-page essay describing the opportunity you want to pursue and why it is meaningful to you, including contact information for a staff member at the proposed employer who can verify the details of your project; and
  • a letter of recommendation from a person familiar with your prior volunteer work.

Materials should be sent to the SOS Fund at the Community Foundation, 15 Princess Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648; they must be received or postmarked by Friday, May 18, 2018.

 About Rebecca
Rebecca Annitto was tiny in stature but powerful in heart, spirit and passion for life. Her wide eyes looked broad and deep. She saw all the wonder and sorrow in the world. She loved being coxswain for Mercer Junior Rowing; adored fashion and beauty; loved friends and family and felt a special kinship towards others who were less fortunate.

annittoIn 2005, Rebecca was working to develop her vision to connect students with meaningful service opportunities, helping local organizations identify and harness the talent and vitality of her fellow students.  Rebecca recognized that high school students have school-based community service requirements and their own desires to contribute. She saw how difficult it was for kids to find suitable, interesting and accessible volunteer websites. She thought it would be great if students could find local volunteer opportunities that matched their interests, abilities and schedule.

Rebecca Annitto was about to turn fifteen when a tragic accident took her life on September 14, 2005.