We’re here as a partner and resource for you and your clients.

Lawyers, CPAs, and other trusted professional advisors must be ready when clients express charitable intent or have a philanthropic idea. Many advisors rely on the Community Foundation to help clients develop philanthropic plans.

The Community Foundation has no vested interest in any cause, nonprofit organization, planning vehicle, or wealth-management strategy. What we do have is unbiased information about charitable options. Our only aim is to present philanthropic options for your client’s consideration, so that they feel well served by you and the resources you bring them.

What other local organization has…

  • deep roots in community and a strong grasp of current conditions
  • broad knowledge of local philanthropy
  • experience evaluating and working with nonprofits
  • a comprehensive picture of resources and needs across our region
  • skill at anticipating things people are thinking about—or should be—when they contemplate philanthropy
  • willingness to consult with your clients without fee or obligation

…coupled with sensitivity to the value of your relationships with clients?

We invite you to contact us for more information and to participate in our periodic events for professional advisors. We can offer helpful materials, experience, and hands-on guidance to you and your clients in order to help them achieve their philanthropic goals.