You’ll find us well qualified.

You can be proud that yours is New Jersey’s first Nationally Certified Community Foundation.

Created in 2000, National Standards define legal, ethical, and operational best practices for community foundations. Certification requires an extensive peer review of policies and procedures conducted by experts in the field and administered by The Council on Foundations in Washington, D.C.

Our recent re-certification (required every five years) means that the Princeton Area Community Foundation continues to meet the most rigorous standards in philanthropy, demonstrating our commitment to financial security, transparency, and accountability.

“Adopting and adhering to high standards is the best way we can demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the trust of our donors and the entire community,” said Nancy Kieling, President of the Princeton Area Community Foundation. “We are committed to reaffirming the honesty and integrity that are a hallmark of our organization, and we are proud to be part of a field of practitioners who value excellence.”

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