Our donors give for a variety of reasons, but they all share a commitment to building a better community and a brighter future. Here are a few Community Foundation fund holders describing their philanthropy, in their own words …

“Learning to view yourself as a philanthropist, with whatever money you have, and trying to do some good in an impactful way, is something we really want to teach our children”   (Michelle Minter)

The Minter-Yuan Family Fund

“We put our funds in the Community Foundation and we’ve been very happy ever since.”   (Nicole Jannotte)

The Friends of the NJ State Museum Fund

“Diane Dixon wanted to make a name for the arts in New Jersey. She didn’t have time to do all that on her own, but the Community Foundation is going to make sure that it happens.”   (Lydia Kugler)

The Diane Dixon Fund

“For a potential donor new to philanthropy, for someone with a sense of wanting to do something for their community but not sure how, the Community Foundation is an excellent place to start.”   (Keith Wheelock)

Keith Wheelock on Planned Giving

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