promoting philanthropy

The Community Foundation promotes giving as a shared community value—something we simply expect of ourselves and others, which connects us and helps us all grow.

We believe in sharing resources—money, ideas, talents, and time—and we encourage generosity in ourselves and others.

to advance the well-being of our communities

We help people invest in outstanding local organizations—successful nonprofits that are making lives better across central New Jersey and beyond.

So far, your friends and neighbors have put more than $31 million to work improving our region. Beyond that, they have built up permanent reserves of more than $74 million to sustain us all in the future.


Your investments in the Community Foundation are doing good things now. Endowed funds will also take care of generations to come.

We can’t know what challenges our children may face, but we can help them be ready.


Giving through your Community Foundation is powerful and enduring. Providing for needs that will surely arise in the future, even though they can’t yet be clearly discerned, is a truly far-seeing philanthropic ambition.



The Community Foundation embraces the following five values to guide our work, and we aspire to be:

Generous: We believe in the sharing of resources, and encourage this altruistic spirit in ourselves and others.

Fair: We perform the work of our organization justly, openly, honestly, and striving for social justice.

Creative: We will harness our collective intelligence, compassion, and empathy to ensure that our work is productive, constructive, and imaginative.

Courageous: We aspire to do the right thing for our organization and for our community, even when a decision may not be popular or universally understood.

Lasting: Our organization will remain enduringly relevant to our communities.